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QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements – February 2017

At Intuit®, our focus is helping our customers succeed, and one area we are constantly improving is our software. In February, we’ve made a number of enhancements to QuickBooks® Online (QBO).

The New Find-a-ProAdvisor Marketplace

We’ve completely redesigned our popular Find-a-ProAdvisor marketplace to help you find help in your local area. Over the past year, we listened to the insights from small business owners to create an easier and more informative way – through an enhanced search – to find a QuickBooks expert that is a good fit with your business.

Copy and Blind Copy for QBO messages

Sharing estimates, receipts and credit memos is a key function for any sales organization. QBO is making it easier to keep you and your staff in the loop with expanded carbon copy/blind carbon copy (CC/BCC) capabilities.

QBO previously offered CC/BCC only for invoices. Now, we have extended that capability to estimates, sales receipts, credit memos and refund receipts, enabling you to quickly and easily share key information with sales reps, account managers, accountants or others.

There are two simple ways to access this expanded CC/BCC feature:

  1. On the page where users create receipts and memos, you can click on a “CC/BCC” link under the email field, and then input additional email addresses.

  2. On the sales transaction list, you can click “send” to bring up the send email model with CC/BCC functionality.

QuickBooks Self-Employed: Receipts With No Manual Data Entry

Who wouldn’t want to eliminate or, at the very least, lessen manual data entry? Using optical character recognition (OCR), you can simply snap a photo in QuickBooks Self-Employed, and the software does the rest by automatically extracting and entering dates, vendor names, totals and other receipt data.

By eliminating manual data entry, QBSE saves you time, improves accuracies and helps optimize tax savings by ensuring that every deductible expense is captured. Note that this same OCR capability will be included in QBO in a few months.

Secure Online Banking

When a new account is added to Bank Feeds, a new feature ensures that a live person – not a cyber robot – is requesting the banking connection.

Invoice Tracker and Payments

Putting “money in the bank” is crucial for you. To help you manage your cash flow, we’ve made it easier to track invoices from creation to final payment.

Improved invoices sub-navigation now includes:

  • An updated Money bar 2.0.

  • Combined Invoice + Payments status.

  • An Invoice + Payment Tracker.

  • Fees, deposit batch, errors and other Payment details.

  • User alerts for exceptions and next-steps.

  • Relevant call to actions to help you get paid faster.

Payments are now automatically associated with respective invoices, and Invoice Tracker now provides a convenient “send, viewed, paid, deposited” visual, to help you understand where you are in the invoice lifecycle. Through online payment, you can review payment status directly from QBO.

Invoice Tracker was available for new users of QBO in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in December 2016; however, note that if you are an existing QBO user, you cannot yet see this feature. It is now available in Australia for all QBO users.

Be sure to look for our next monthly update article on new features and improvements in QBO!

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